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Town Board Monthly Meeting
Apr 14, 2010

The Town Board of the Town of Cooperstown, Manitowoc County, Wisconsin, convened in open session on April 14, 2010 at 7:00 p.m., at the Town Hall for the purpose of transacting business as the Town Board.

Chairman Duckett called the meeting to order at 7:02 p.m.

Roll Call: Chair. Richard Duckett, Sup. Fred Lemens, Sup. Nancy Weber, Sup. Bill Enz, Sup. Jerry Skarda, Treasurer Bernadette Duescher, and Clerk Sue Kornely. Meeting was not taped. 8 residents were present. Dave Korinek- County Supervisor.

On a motion by Sup. Skarda and a seconded by Sup. Lemens, the agenda was approved on a unanimous vote.

On a motion by Sup. Lemens and a seconded by Sup. Enz, the March 9, 2010 Town Board Monthly Meeting minutes were approved on a unanimous vote.

Treasurer Duescher presented the Treasurer Finance Report. Discussion. On a motion by Sup. Enz and seconded by Sup. Skarda, the Treasurer’s Finance Report was approved on a unanimous vote.

Road & Equipment Report- Chair. Duckett reported patching has begun and weight limit signs have been removed.

Constable Report- Sup. Weber reported new bill AB50 & SB208 due to puppy mill issues. Mar 30th call to Rosecrans Rd- dogs in road. Report of mailboxes reported smash, 7 horses loose from farm on Hwy Z within village limits. 7 new squads on the road. Burglary report and possible lead.

Sup. Lemens presented the Plan Commission Report. Apr 5th meeting: approved Dec 1st minutes and March 1st minutes, conversion fees, Paul Honnef’s rezoning, date set for hearing May 3rd, discussion on windmill, May 3rd next meeting.

Clerk Kornely presented the Building Inspector Report. No Report.

Public Comment: Mike Albers spoke on the history of the lot on the corner of Pautz and Hwy R property and the lawsuit that Nancy Weber brought against the town. The judge ruled the town did not follow correct procedure, but felt that no lawsuit would have occurred if she had rezoned the property before she sold it. (Copy of letter on file in Clerk’s Office) Cty Sup. Dave Korinek was contact by the Village of Maribel about calls responded to by the Town of Cooperstown and has spoken to County Dispatch about the calls. Sup. Weber reported, she has been called for reports in the Village of Maribel in the past by dispatch. Jake Jakl was not aware of windmills in the area before moving here. Cty Sup. Dave Korinek explained the County ordinance and rules and setbacks that will be reviewed. 120 wind turbines are proposed. Jake Jakl said town requires permits for homes- what about notification of windmills being built and a cooling off period.

Industrial Waste Water Land Application Management Plan- Cty Sup. Dave Korinek gave a County update on the plan. He discussed the concentrated nitrates from the digester in Brown County and placing it on fields in the Town of Cooperstown and the Town of Gibson. A fee is proposed to cover a nutrient plan by the hauler bringing into the digester for product that would be spread on land that will take the after product. Cty Sup. Dave Korinek requested that the town adopt a resolution supporting the County’s Plan to proceed. Permit to spread would be required.

Karst Bill SB632- Cty Sup. Dave Korinek reported on SB632 and no proposed budget. Program is based on a 2007 report on spreading over the karst areas. There is a push to create a bill by the State based on 5 counties in the study. There is no mechanism for funding. Other counties will have the ability to opt in or out of the study. Committee will make the rules for testing of soils. If a farmer does not agree to the testing, the committee would take measurements from a book. A farmer could force the committee to take core samples at a great expense to the County. Cty Sup. Dave Korinek requested that the town write a resolution asking that Manitowoc County be withdrawn from the study.

Unfinished Business
Water Testing & Well Contamination/County Hwy R- Brown County Water Authority Results- Chair. Duckett -no report. Sup. Lemens reported the County has a couple of sample bottles available for testing on Hwy “R”. Town of New Denmark is interested in testing- they have about 15 homes interested.

Vehicle Accident Report- Snowplow and vehicle accident on Hwy Z- Chair. Duckett has contact the County Sheriff’s Dept about amending the police report, but has not heard back. Jeff Grip from the insurance company has not been currently contacted.

Public Hearings-Discussion and Action, if needed.
Code of Ordinances- Chapter 1- Town Organization- Amended- Reviewed changes.

Code of Ordinances- Chapter 2 & 3- Town Board Responsibility & Fiscal Management- Review new chapters and made updates. Sup. Lemens would like Chapter 2 as a resolution.

Code of Ordinances-Chapter 5- Building Code- Board will review and discuss at next month’s meeting.

2010 A3 Land Conversion fees- Fees for converting land from A3 to another class of zoning. When the County has it County rezoning the town’s residents will be asked to rezone their property.

Road Review by Town Board- Chair. Duckett would like to have Dan Kasten included in the road review. April 21st- Chair. Duckett, Sup. Skarda & Sup. Enz and Dan Kasten at 7 am will review the town roads.

CenturyLink – work in Right-of-Way- Chair. Duckett has viewed the Town’s rates and feels the town is in good standing. CenturyLink contract has been signed and returned.

Dump Truck Repairs- more information is needed and will address at the May Town Board meeting.

Election Results- W. Michael Slattery 117, Jerry Skarda 142, Michael W Albers 136, Nancy Weber 146, and Leroy Kane 1

Open Book May 24th 6-8 pm & Board of Review June 7th 6-8 pm dates have been set, pending any issues with book printing.

Ordinances, Resolutions and Agreements
Appointment of Plan Commission Member- 3 years appointment Candidates: Joe Charney and Bruce Deadman. Chair. Duckett would like to nominate Bruce Deadman. On a motion by Sup. Lemens and seconded by Sup. Enz, to appoint Bruce Deadman was approved on a 4/1 vote. Sup. Weber voted no.

Procedural motions by members of town board
On a motion by Sup. Enz and seconded by Sup. Skarda, to rescind check #27599, issued incorrectly, was approved on a unanimous vote. On a motion by Sup. Enz and seconded by Sup. Lemens, checks were approved on a unanimous vote.

Review of correspondence. Sup. Skarda received a call from an attorney firm that would like to speak to our town on windmills.

Future meeting agenda: May 2010- Windmills, Constable position, Code of Ordinance Chapters 1, 2, 3 & 5, 2010 Conversion fees, update on dump truck repairs, road review report, town attorney Kate Reynolds, Resolution: Industrial Waste Water Land Application Management Plan & Karst Bill SB632, town hall building, audit update, Resolution to allow town chairman to use rubber stamp, water testing, recap of two meetings, accident update

On a motion by Sup. Skarda and seconded by Sup. Lemens, to approved a check for $80 for Spring 2010 Highway Workshop was approved on a unanimous vote.

On a motion by Sup. Enz and seconded by Sup. Skarda, adjournment was approved on a unanimous vote.

The meeting adjourned at 9:07 p.m.

Minutes approved as amended May 11, 2010
Susan Kornely, Clerk

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