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Town Board Monthly Meeting
Mar 09, 2010

The Town Board of the Town of Cooperstown, Manitowoc County, Wisconsin, convened in open session on March 9, 2010 at 7:00 p.m., at Maribel Community Center, Maribel for the purpose of transacting business as the Town Board.

Chairman Duckett called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

Roll Call: Chair. Richard Duckett, Sup. Fred Lemens, Sup. Mike Albers, Sup. Bill Enz, Sup. Jerry Skarda, Treasurer Bernadette Duescher, Constable Nancy Weber and Clerk Sue Kornely. Two residents were present and Dan Kasten, Paul Rabas.

On a motion by Sup. Enz and a seconded by Sup. Lemens, the agenda was approved on a unanimous vote.

On a motion by Sup. Skarda and a seconded by Sup. Lemens, the February 9, 2010 Town Board Monthly Meeting minutes were approved with amendments on a unanimous vote.

Treasurer Duescher presented the Treasurer Finance Report. Discussion. On a motion by Sup. Albers and seconded by Sup. Enz , the Treasurer’s Finance Report was approved on a unanimous vote.

Road & Equipment Report- Dan Kasten reported roads getting soft, Town of New Denmark & Town of Cooperstown weight limit signs, new hydraulics hoses on wing on Peterbilt dump truck. Manitowoc County Sheriff’s department reported town truck plowed snow over the edge of the overpass and struck a car passing under. Board discussed the police report and incident. Sup. Enz asked for the accident report from Dec 2009 be re-written by the Sheriff Dept. Sup. Lemens reported new cabinets delivered to town shop.

Constable Report- Constable Weber reported two call on cattle in the road On Cty Z and Keehan Road on Mar 8th with 2nd call at 5:11 pm another animal in road same location. April Basic pistol course open to anyone, fee $65 at the Sheriff’s Dept.

Sup. Lemens presented the Plan Commission Report. Mar 1st meeting: minutes tabled to be re-written with more detail, talked about 20 year Comprehensive plan- Chapter 9 discusses Devil Rivers trail & farmland preservation. Request from Bay Lakes 6 new 20 year Comprehensive Plan books. Discussion on Devils River trails and parks, discussion on conversion fees, and windmill discussion. No meeting in April- unless there is a rezoning.

Clerk Kornely presented the Building Inspector Report. Research by Mike Angoli on State/County residential minimum square footage requirements- HUD grant only- 800 square feet. Sup. Albers stated we will need to look into a minimum square footage requirement for town.

Public Comment: Lawrence Wohlend purchased the storage units on Cty Z, please call if you have any comments or need to get a hold of him- phone number on front of building. Paul Honnef would like to apply for a rezoning. Currently he has 28 acres zoned A3, 10 acres farmland, balance is woods, grassland and creek bed.

Unfinished Business
Water Testing & Well Contamination/County Hwy R- Brown County Water Authority Results- No report. Testing Results-Sup. Lemens has contacted a few other municipalities to see if they are interested- no reply. Suggestion for pickup and collection of water samples on the same day.

Vehicle Accident Report- Chairman Duckett has contacted the Manitowoc County Sheriff’s Dept and Jeff Grip from Aegis.

Town Attorney- no report. Next Month’s agenda.

Public Hearings-Discussion and Action, if needed.
First Responder Service- Maribel Area- Paul Rabas reported that he will be starting a First Responder Group to service the Village of Maribel and Town of Cooperstown. The group would work under Viking Rescue or County Rescue to be covered by insurance. He asked for approval or support and start up cost. 8-12 candidates- training cost about $1000 per candidate. Also a few AED units for about $1300 each. Minimal cost on a vehicle at a later date would be available. Refresher course paid thru Viking Rescue. 76 hours basic training course. Training would start in the Fall ’10. No pre-requisite for candidate.

Code of Ordinances- Chapter 1- Town Organization- Amended- Reviewed changes. Board discussed and made changes. Clerk will send letters to the other municipalities to make sure they are in agreement with the road responsibilities.

Code of Ordinances- Chapter 2 & 3- Town Board Responsibility & Fiscal Management- Review new chapters and made updates. Ordinance Committee will be working Chapter 5 Building Code.

Roadman’s Contract 2010 & Employee Pay & Benefit Contract- signed by Town Board

Industrial Waste Water Land Application Management Plan- no update.

Spring Election Supervisor two seats- ballot placement-W Michael Slattery, Jerry Skarda, Michael W Albers, Nancy Weber

2010 A3 Land Conversion fees- Board discussed if they need to inform the residents of the State mandated Conversion fee, fee charged and paid to County for converting land out of A3 by rezoning. Board discussed a County Moratorium, until land zoning is reviewed.

Discussion on flag for Maribel Community Center- no action. Cost of flag and base $193.60.

CenturyLink – work in Right-of-Way- Board reviewed fee structure under current ordinance.

Assessment Technologies of WI, LLC – no action.

Discussion of salt quantities and bids from 2009/2010 season- Town still needs to take 51 tons to complete contract for 2009/2010. Balance needs to be taken by April 30, 2010.

Annual Meeting- April 13, 2010- Speaker Paul Rabas on First Responders, Devils River Trail and Cherney Maribel Caves Park.

Ordinances, Resolutions and Agreements
2008 Town Audit Contract- On a motion by Sup. Albers and seconded by Sup. Lemens to approve contract with Kerber and Rose for 2008 audit, was approved on a unanimous vote. On a motion by Sup. Albers, seconded Sup. Skarda items for audit to be submitted by clerk, was approved on a unanimous vote. Questions will be submitted to Sup Albers, he will then contact Clerk Kornely.

Procedural motions by members of town board
Treasurer Duescher reported an issued to the Board with one receipt from Dan Kasten for $20 cash paid for work completed by vendor. The vendor would have charged $40 for the work but offered the service for $20 cash without a receipt. Dan Kasten offered to absorb the bill. Chairman Duckett stated it’s the farmer’s mentality of running a business; you need to get a receipt, from the original person. On a motion by Sup. Enz and seconded by Sup. Albers, checks were approved on a unanimous vote. On a motion by Sup. Skarda and seconded by Sup. Albers for WTA check for $160, was approved on a unanimous vote.

Review of correspondence. MTA- March 18th meeting, WTA March 20th meeting, April 14th Town Board Meeting

Future meeting agenda: Apr 2010- Town Attorney, Industrial Waste Water Land Application Management Plan, CenturyLink- Work in ROW, Road Review by Town Board, 2010 A3 Conversion Fees, appointment of Plan Commission member, dump truck repairs.

On a motion by Sup. Skarda and seconded by Sup. Lemens, adjournment was approved on a unanimous vote.

The meeting adjourned at 9:57 p.m.

Minutes approved April 14, 2010
Susan Kornely, Clerk

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