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Town Board Monthly Meeting
Sep 21, 2010

TOWN BOARD MEETING September 21, 2010
The Town Board of the Town of Cooperstown, Manitowoc County, Wisconsin, convened in open session on September 21, 2010 at 7:00 p.m., at the Town Hall for the purpose of transacting business as the Town Board.

Chairman Duckett called the meeting to order at 7:02 p.m.

Roll Call: Chair. Richard Duckett, Sup. Fred Lemens, Sup. Bill Enz, Sup. Jerry Skarda, Sup. Nancy Weber, Treasurer Bernadette Duescher, and Clerk Sue Kornely. 3 residents were present. Dan Kasten was present.

On a motion by Sup. Enz and a seconded by Sup. Weber, the agenda was approved on a unanimous vote as amended.

On a motion by Sup. Enz and a seconded by Sup. Skarda , the August 17, 2010 Town Board Monthly Meeting minutes were approved as amended on a unanimous vote.

Roof on Salt Shed Repair Bids- Schaus $9212.00, MetalCraft $5236, Pasek $5725, Kurth $5680.
Discussion between fan fold insulation and vapor barrier. On a motion by Sup. Enz and a second by Sup. Skarda, the bid for $5236 from MetalCraft plus $27 per hour for additional repairs needed was approved on a unanimous vote. MetalCraft will begin in 3 weeks.

Treasurer Duescher presented the Treasurer Finance Report. Discussion. On a motion by Sup. Weber and seconded by Sup. Lemens, the Treasurer’s Finance Report was approved on a unanimous vote.

Road & Equipment Report- Dan Kasten reported equipment- new blades on mower. Road sealing finished, grass cutting 3rd round, signs replaced about 160 signs completed, about 80 signs left. Mailbox removal on October 1st was discussed.

Constable Report- Sup. Weber verified animal tracks- pictures were taken of bear. Aug 30th dog call for Town of Franklin, Town will bill for mileage. A trap was tried for one week. Sept 12th, Sup Skarda picked up a dog at Tim Stedl’s house and took to Humane Society. Sup. Skarda reported on Sept 16th, he received a call for horses on Greenstreet Road, found no horse, left phone message for property owner.

Sup. Lemens presented the Plan Commission Report. Meeting set for review of public hearing posting and procedures, windmill issues, discuss Working Lands Workshop- State is waiting for County Review.

Clerk Kornely presented the Building Inspector Report- Wetenkamp(footing inspection), Henrigillis(electrical inspection), Leist(electrical inspection), Wetenkamp(foundation inspection), Wetenkamp(setting house & fastening to foundation inspections), Wetenkamp(electrical service inspection). Mike Angoli has given his notice as inspector effective December 31, 2010. Post in paper for open position. Clerk will contact other municipalities for input.

Public Comment: Mike Albers had a questions on culverts, when installation is needed, view location by Board member, review application by Board, permit is paid before work, are end walls needed, slope-3 to 1. Mike Albers requested Industrial Waste and Code of Ordinance- Penalty review be addressed together on agenda. Razing permit was not applied for by Randy Pelishek on Hidden Valley Road. Complaint by resident that he was redirected several miles with farm equipment the day the road was being striped.

Unfinished Business
Water Testing & Well Contamination/County Hwy R- Brown County Water Authority Results- Chair. Duckett spoke with Jerry Halverson & Gary Kennedy- Industrial Waste on Bradley property. Holes in the ditch will be filled after grass cutting.

Vehicle Accident Report- Chair. Duckett spoke with Jeff Grip, Adjuster. Chiropractic care is still being reported.

Update of Town Hall Painting- Pressure washing completed, scraped and primed, top and eves will be painted, balance to be sprayed.

Public Hearings-Discussion and Action, if needed.
Wind Turbines-Discussion- Sup. Skarda- two are built, they are two weeks behind due to weather. Wind turbine has been lowered to meet FCC regulation. Sup. Skarda would like to see an ordinance for road damage by excessive weight & usage. Town of Glemore is collecting a fee from the wind turbines. Under new regulations these wind turbines would not have been approved. Sup. Lemens would like the Plan Commission to work on gathering information.

Constable Appointments- no applications received.

Delinquent Personal Property taxes- Sup. Lemens reported on delinquent personal property taxes owed by Ed Gerzak. Letters have been exchanged. No payment was received within the 15 days. Sup. Lemens has a form for small claims court and papers need to be served by Brown County Sheriff Dept. $94.50 initial fee plus cost to serve.

Pine Drive Discussion- Chair. Duckett spoke with Liehrman and he is pleased with work. Mr. Liehrman would like the trees trimmed on the sides of the road. Chair. Duckett has not talked to Mr. Schaunke about the culvert on the end of the road. Chair. Duckett asked Dan to contact Propson Tree Trimming for an estimate.

Industrial Waste Ordinance Discussion- Mike Albers stated Industrial Waste has been defined, however what about road damage. Discussion of penalties for overweight on roads. Suggestions: all roads Class B, no truck roads, or bonding. Discussion of permit process. Will a bond be required? What kind of penalty would be assessed? Sup. Lemens noted our ordinance has a variance form for spreading industrial waste.

Bridge Inspections- Chair. Duckett will contact John Kropp and Gary Kennedy for bridge inspections.

Culvert Installation- VanderKinter had requested 2 new driveways on Zander Rd and one new culvert on Rosecrans Rd. A new culvert was installed on Herman’s property on Rosecrans Rd. These driveways and culverts were not installed by the Town of Cooperstown. New culverts were not installed. New culverts need to be installed and placed correctly by the town per town ordinance. Per Chair. Duckett this will not happen again. Chair. Duckett and Sup. Enz will be viewing all culvert and driveway sites going forward, before a permit is issued. Payment for permit will be received before work begins. The bill for the Village of Denmark will be sent to the Village of Denmark not Bielinski Excavating. Work for the Village of Denmark was subbed out to the Town of Cooperstown for shouldering at the Waste Water treatment plant by Bielinski Excavating.

Lakeshore Humane Society proposals- Board reviewed the letter from Humane Society.

Building Inspector- resigns effective Dec 31, 2010. Post and contact other municipality.

Elected Official Compensation- The Board discussed the collection of dog license, late fees and payment of the late fees to the Treasurer. The Board would like to see an alternate method of payment to the Treasurer for the work required. The Board asked if there were any other payments to Board members not included in salary. The Clerk is paid for special assessments, the fee collected is the same as the disbursement to the Clerk. Sup. Lemens noted that the compensation that was discussed was not in the ordinance the town approved- Chapter 1. Present policy will not continue.

Ordinances, Resolutions and Agreements
Review Town of Franklin Boundary Roads Agreement- The Town Board will meet with the Town of Franklin on October 12 at 7 pm at the Franklin Townhall. The Town of Cooperstown monthly board meeting will follow at Cooperstown Townhall.

Procedural motions by members of town board
On a motion by Sup. Enz and seconded by Sup. Skarda, checks were approved and an additional check for $94.50 to Mtwc Cty clerk of Courts was approved on a unanimous vote. On a motion by Sup. Lemens and seconded by Sup. Enz , a check for WTA Convention- hotel room was approved on a unanimous vote.

Review of correspondence. Annual Legal Update for Local Government Officials Sept 29th, Trudell Trailer warranty, Wisconsin DOT Miles of Public Highways Certification, Winter Road Sand, Right of Way Issues for Local Highway and Street Projects- Nov 10th

Future meeting agenda: October 2010- Budget Amendment- Elected Official Compensation, Ditching quotes, Hwy R-water testing, vehicle accident report, town hall painting, constable appointment, Pine Dr. tree removal quote, ordinance discussion, delinquent personnel property taxes, bridge inspections, Town of Franklin Boundary Roads Agreement, building inspector, schedule budget workshop

On a motion by Sup. Weber and seconded by Sup. Lemens, adjournment was approved on a unanimous vote.

The meeting adjourned at 10:41 p.m.

Minutes approved October 12, 2010 Susan Kornely, Clerk

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